Vp Marketing And Communication


Lisa grew up in Germany and Canada. Following her bachelor's degree in business administration, Lisa moved from Bavaria to Berlin, and started in the public relations team at Endeavor (IMG & WME Holding). Here, she gained a broad and in-depth understanding of event communications as well as many of the public relations activities and tools. She also supported international star athletes in their consulting activities. At the same time, she completed her Master's in Business Administration through digital courses from a Distance learning University.

In August of 2016, Lisa moved on from the Global company Endeavor to the Startup Auctionata. Here, she was given more creative freedom while taking on new communication challenges in a young company. Unfortunately, only a few months after she joined, the company had to announce insolvency – this in itself was a major communication challenge both internally and externally.

Lisa then joined AUTO1 Group in 2017 and took on the position of Head of Communications. She spent four years building up internal and external communications with a decentralized communications team – from the first official interview, the first intranet and many cross-departmental and cross-country processes to the IPO.

In her current position at HV, she wants to support founders in recognizing communication early and consciously as a strategic tool for the sustainable success of a company. "It's in your own interest to be in the driver's seat yourself and steer communication in the desired direction. In doing so, every startup has to find its own way, because corporate culture is communication and conversation culture and an essential key to success. Corporate communication requires a professional concept and professional support. Right from the start."

Lisa knows the trend to digitization and digital collaboration also poses unprecedented challenges for communication.

Being surrounded by so many different companies at HV is a perfect ecosystem to support, but also to learn more about the challenges and new approaches of communication in times of remote work and digital collaboration.