Investment Manager


Louise grew up between Germany and the Netherlands, feeling equally connected to the rough alpines and the calming flats. Academics, her inherent curiosity, and wanderlust led her to live in Chile, Spain and Denmark, completing her BSc at EBS University and her MSc + CEMS at ESADE Business School / CBS International Business School.

Following a few internships, Louise decided to commence her professional life at the Boston Consulting Group in Berlin, where she worked for various clients in the industrial space, moving across Europe and the United States. She was also engaged in the #ESOPasap initiative led by the German Start-up Association on behalf of BCG Digital Ventures to improve the regulatory environment for founders in Germany.

Fast forward to today, Louise is active as Investment Manager at HV Capital, specializing on Climate Tech, B2B Marketplaces, and Compliance. She sees entrepreneurship as the ultimate catalyst to innovation; a tool to reshape the established norms. Especially within the field of Climate Tech, Louise believes that venture capitalists have a great responsibility to drive lasting change.

Next to the captivating world of venture capital, energy is mostly allocated to various categories of sports, travel and music/podcast. The latter seems to be a real stand out, given Spotify’s recognition as one of the top 1% listeners in Germany in 2022, or as Chat-GPT would put it: a testament to her eclectic taste and unwavering dedication.


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