VP Marketing & Communications


Lukas' initiation into the world of media came early. At the tender age of 13, he was a newsboy, a role he chanced upon one serene Sunday morning, thanks to his regular attendance as a ministrant at the local church. Navigating the complex landscape of legal employment in Germany with innovative solutions, Lukas delivered the "Bischtumszeitschrift" after school. His acumen for media and scalable business was kindled when he ingeniously expanded his portfolio to include newspapers and magazines from another printing house. This strategic move enabled him to double his earnings while nearly maintaining his initial working hours. 

Through the corridors of his school, Lukas' passion for journalism burned brightly. He helmed the school's newspaper as the editor-in-chief. Post-graduation, a stint at Teleexpress, Poland's premier TV news outlet, awaited him, though he eventually chose the law halls of the University of Passau for his further studies. Yet, the allure of journalism persisted. Amidst law books, Lukas graduated from a journalism school. The city of Berlin called out to him, where he penned articles for Bild. His journey then took him to Vanity Fair.

A transition from journalism to advertising saw him at Scholz & Friends, where he orchestrated ad and communication campaigns, particularly in technology and energy. The vibe of the European startup ecosystem drew him in, with Team Europe serving as his gateway. In the ensuing years, Lukas' narrative was interwoven with brand building and the orchestration of startup launches for Team Europe, Rocket Internet, and Finleap.

In 2016, a new chapter unfolded as he joined the FRIDAY founding team. In 2021, he propelled BIT Capital, a digital asset manager. At HV Capital, he continues his dance with innovation, a journey through the nuances of communication, brand building, and the art of scaling businesses.