Finance Manager


Born and raised as a dual-citizen on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain and growing up in the aftermath of the German reunification, Richard chose to fund his studies of Economics by enlisting as an officer in the German Airforce. This experience was foundational to his values and his work ethic.

After completing his active-duty commitment, his work in interim management allowed him to gather insights into many different industries as a freelancer. These complemented his MBA studies at Open University Business School in Cambridge. As an interim manager, chance took him to Thüga AG, the largest national utility group in Germany with a portfolio of over 100 companies. These companies provide a broad range of services, from gas and electricity to broadband telecommunications, e-mobility, renewable energies and AI-assisted business intelligence.

Here Richard, as well as Thüga, had his first encounters with startups from the energy sector, and he assisted both their founders and Thüga management as a financial and DD advisor after buy-in. Having acquired a taste for the spirit of entrepreneurship and disruptive businesses, he was hungry for more and found what he was looking for at HV Capital.

His learning from the struggles of a conservative first-time investor in a highly regulated business environment: Be sure always to find the balance between utilizing the potential of your ecosystem and meeting the demands and ambitions of your stakeholders. One is for nothing without the other.

While venture capital fuels Richard's mind, the meditative aspect of riding endless curvy roads on motorcycles fuels his heart.