Scaling regenerative agriculture through finance and technology.


Agreena unlocks the power of soil carbon removals and natural capital to finance the transition to regenerative agriculture. Working closely with partner farmers across 16 European markets and growing, AgreenaCarbon is the world’s leading soil carbon platform. With market-leading satellite monitoring technologies, Agreena’s solutions can support farmers, companies, and governments on the road to net zero.



Over the span of two decades, Kinnevik and HV Capital have meticulously crafted a partnership rooted in trust and mutual respect. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in the ascendancy of eminent brands including Zalando, Delivery Hero, and Home24. In the nascent stages of their partnership, Climate Tech remained peripheral. However, as the European ecosystem matured, echoing the global shift towards sustainability, Climate Tech transformed into a point of strategic interest.

At HV Capital Alex and Jannis, whose exploided for two years the Climate Tech landscape before discovering Agreena. Hailing from the fertile innovation soil of Copenhagen, Agreena stood at the crossroads of Climate Tech, Fintech, and Agtech, showcasing a multi-faceted approach to environmental solutions. Kinnevik, as one of the early believers in Agreena's vision, laid the foundational trust that would subsequently be built upon. With a rich reservoir of in-house expertise and the catalytic influence of the enduring partnership with Kinnevik, HV Capital emerged not just as investors but as trusted allies to Agreena's founding trio - Julie Koch Fahler, Ida Boesen, and Simon Haldrup.

Leading Agreena's Series B funding round with investors like Giant Ventures, re:Food, Aenu, and Vaeksfonden was more than a financial endeavor for HV Capital; it was a forward leap into a future where technology and climate coalesce into solutions that transcend contemporary boundaries and redefine sustainable innovation.


Agreena stands at the forefront of a global movement, pioneering a carbon farming platform that is not just innovative but transformative, serving farmers worldwide in their transition to regenerative agriculture. In a world where agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, Agreena emerges as a beacon of change, illuminating pathways where agriculture transforms from a challenge to a solution. 

By bridging Climate Tech with Fintech and Agtech, Agreena catalyzes a global adoption of sustainable practices through its financial reward schemes, offering tangible incentives for ecological farming transitions. Beyond its financial mechanisms, Agreena carries a deeper vision – to sow the seeds for a future where farming nourishes a planet abundant in biodiversity, food safety, sustainability, and health, with technology as the cornerstone of this green revolution.