Delivery Hero

Revolutionising food delivery.


Delivery Hero has been continuously transforming the way people order food online. Instead of ordering by phone or at the door of the restaurant orders and payments can be conveniently placed online. Restaurants are peer-reviewed, making it easier to choose a good restaurant every time. With just a few clicks, delicious food is on the way.
Niklas Östberg
Fabian Siegel
Berlin, Germany

How it all started

In 2009 Markus Fuhrman showed up at the HV office in Munich interested in a career in Venture Capital. He had an entrepreneurial background with Mjam, a food delivery service in AT. HV recommended he gained more experience as a business builder and connected him to Team Europe and Lukasz. Markus and Lukasz met and decided to start Lieferheld, the German operation with Fabian Siegel as co-founder in 2010. Sometime later Delivery Hero and Lieferheld merged. An international star was born. Nobody had any clue what Niklas, the founder of Delivery Hero and his AAA-team would build.

HV’s story with Delivery Hero begins with Markus Fuhrman. On recommendation from HV, Markus started to look for experiences as a business builder. This led him to starting Lieferheld, which merged with Delivery Hero.

Delivery Hero is one of the biggest contradictions of HV. They were somehow an enabler of the start of Lieferheld. For fund reasons HV were not able to invest in Delivery Hero as the international partner. Instead, Delivery Hero took the opportunity of an early exit, scared to stay long term for fund reasons. Delivery Hero is now a global masterpiece of a buy and build strategy. When successfully executed, their model can enable young digital companies a fast track to global leadership.

“Back your winning teams for their long term vision. Leave your own tactics behind.

Stay a believer by conviction. Stay a believer in superior founders.”

__ Delivery Hero


Delivery Hero has created the largest global food network (outside of China) with 500,000+ restaurants on its platform. The company holds a strong position in 36 out of the 42 countries it operates in across Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa. This relates to terms of restaurants, active users, orders, online and mobile platforms.

Delivery Hero also operates its own delivery service primarily in over 530 cities around the globe. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the company has over 22,000 employees.