In German, there is a special word that resonates with a global community. That word is "Bürgerbewegung" and it translates to “a citizen's movement”. For Enpal, this means a people's movement to take charge of a greener energy supply. Enpal focuses on making a literal change in the world, a portmanteau of “energy” and “pal”. Enpal is not just another solar company: It offers the first integrated solution for the green smart home, including photovoltaic panels, batteries, charging stations for e-vehicles, green electricity tariff, and energy management software. The best part of their business model is that customers rent the energy system in a subscription-style model,  saving the high up-front costs. A recent poll shows that 9 out of 10 Germans favor solar rooftop installations. Enpal works with qualified specialist companies and craft businesses to make that a reality in the best and easiest way possible.

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Before they became the first institutional investor during Enpal's Series B funding, HV Capital had developed a relationship with CEO and founder Mario Kohle for over a decade. The first interaction was during Mario's university days when he worked on a website portal for students. Not long after, Mario started Kauferportal, a platform that connects homeowners with home-related products and services, and successfully sold the company to General Atlantic. HV recognised early that Mario was a serial entrepreneur and wouldn't stay idle for long. Mario's next project was much bigger than himself and HV. He founded Enpal with the singular mission of decarbonising Europe, one solar-powered home at a time. HV loves this type of mission-driven founder, as they often possess the grit and determination needed to see a project to completion and beyond. Since then, HV and Mario have been fully unified in the mission to make Europe and the world green and energy-independent.

"Fighting the climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our generation. The Enpal team wants to enable every homeowner to join the fight and become energy-independent by giving them the opportunity to produce green energy without any up-front costs."



For Enpal, the future is bright and sunny. In times of soaring energy prices and a threatening climate crisis, more and more people want to take their energy into their own hands and join the movement to protect the planet for our children. Enpal's business model of no upfront costs and low fixed-lease payments is therefore proving popular. Enpal's invention could be scaled globally and expand into other sectors like e-mobility and community-based energy distribution, connecting humankind into a renewable community.