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FlixMobility is a global mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly travel via the FlixBus, FlixTrain, FlixCar and FlixBus Charter brands. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, FlixMobility quickly established as Europe's largest long-distance travel network.
Jochen Engert
André Schwämmlein
Daniel Krauss
Torben Greve
Panya Putsathit
Munich, Germany / Berlin, Germany

How it all started

When HV Capital first met the founders of FlixBus, long-distance bus transportation between major cities did not really exist yet. In 2009 the three FlixBus founders André, Daniel and Jochen learned that the German long-distance travel sector was going to be liberalized and saw a unique chance to build up a completely new mobility service with the once-in-a-lifetime situation of the deregulation of the German market.
They had little in common with the bus industry, apart from organizing bus trips to Austrian ski resorts during their student days and using the public city buses. Nevertheless, all founders were very interested in the industry and in creating a completely new means of transport.

Since 2013 FlixMobility is changing the way people travel throughout Europe and the US. Based on a proprietary technology platform, a strong focus on customer experience and brand as well as the partnering with traditional transportation partners, Flix combines strengths from two worlds to form one customer-oriented service offering.

In 2018 FlixMobility launched the first green long-distance FlixTrains as well as pilot projects for all-electric buses in France. FlixMobility launched FlixBus USA to bring this new travel alternative to the United States later in the same year. Today, FlixMobility is offering mobility services in 35 countries for millions of customers.

“HV Capital has always been a perfect sparring partner across a variety of topics and we have a very trustful relationship.

Together with HV Capital we will accelerate our growth to offer smart and sustainable travel options to even more people across the world.”

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The vision of FlixMobility is to offer smart and green mobility for everyone to experience the world. To provide services for comfortable and convenient travelling to all passengers FlixMobility is constantly improving its services and investing into technology and innovation.