Changing the way people eat.


Founded in Berlin in 2011, HelloFresh is the leading global provider of fresh food at home. With their meal kit delivery platform they serve more than four million customers in 14 markets across Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Dominik Richter
Thomas Griesel
Jessica Nilsson
Berlin, Germany

How it all started

When HV Capital first met the founding team at HelloFresh, people were either looking for recipes in books or online. They would shop for ingredients at grocery stores, or order delivery/take-out from restaurants. HelloFresh brought them something completely new that combined all these elements. It was the team’s original vision to reduce waste and bring fresh products to customers – all of which is fulfilled by the company today.
When HV Capital met the founding team at HelloFresh they were trying to find a sweet spot for consumers between recipe books, fresh ingredients and delivery. In combination with their desire to offer customers something completely new, they also wanted to reduce waste across the board.

HelloFresh started in Germany, and quickly tested in European markets before taking the big step to launch in the US amidst heavy competition. The company eventually became the market leader in all its operating markets. Six years after HV’s initial seed investment, the company went public in 2017 and is now valued at more than €8bn in market capitalization. In Q1 of 2020 HelloFresh delivered more than 100 million meals to its customers around the world.

“At HelloFresh we want to change the way people eat forever. By radically transforming the food supply chain we are offering our customers a better, easier and more sustainable way to shop for groceries. At the same time, we give them access to wholesome, tasty meals with a great value for money. HelloFresh is now a little over eight years old. In this time, we have become one of the planet’s leading providers of fresh food at home and we won’t stop here. We are very excited for everything that is yet to come!” – HelloFresh Founders

“We are extremely happy and proud to have had such a strong partner at our side right from the beginning. We immediately knew that HV were the right company to team up with.

They understood and believed in our vision from day one. Since then, we’ve come a long way together.”

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HelloFresh aims to provide households with wholesome, home-made, hassle-free meals. Without shopping, customers receive fresh ingredients directly sourced from local producers. HelloFresh contributes significantly to reducing food waste across the entire supply chain by cutting out unnecessary middlemen and providing customers with pre-portioned ingredients.

Behind the scenes is a huge data-driven technology platform, putting them in prime position to leverage subscriber touch points. HelloFresh operates a subscription business model with high flexibility around delivery. This approach can fundamentally change the way consumers shop for, and consume food. Transforming the traditional food supply chain, HelloFresh is at the forefront of disrupting a multi trillion dollar industry that’s at the start of a huge online transition.