Storyblok's mission is to deliver the best Content Management System that validates and prioritizes content management innovations and enables teams to deliver their content in a fast and reliable way while building the remote company.



Alex and Dom, two creative spirits with a shared passion for digital innovation, found themselves navigating the complexities of content management systems while working at an agency. They cherished the versatility these systems offered but couldn't help feeling something was missing — a headless CMS that not only catered to the technical agility developers crave but also provided the user-friendly experience marketers relish. Driven by a blend of inspiration and necessity, they embarked on a journey to create what would become a beacon in the digital landscape: the world's pioneering headless CMS designed to seamlessly unite developers and business users alike.

Meanwhile, nestled within the picturesque Austrian city of Linz — a place renowned for its delectable Linzer Torte, which boasts the oldest cake recipe known to the world — was an innovative startup that caught the eye of an HV Capital investment manager. In 2021, this Linz-based gem made waves by securing $8.5 million in Series A funding, earmarked for international growth and product refinement.

Over the course of a year, a genuine connection grew between HV Capital and the team at Storyblok. It was a relationship nurtured with mutual understanding, building a foundation of trust. When faced with a decision, as eight-term sheets lay sprawled before them, they chose HV Capital. It was a partnership not just of contracts and capital but of shared visions and aspirations, ready to propel Storyblok onto the global stage.


Storyblok’s growth narrative underscores a fundamental shift in how content is created, managed, and experienced across borders, making it a case study in remote collaboration and international scaling in the digital age. The team is a pioneering force, reshaping the content management landscape with its robust, remote-friendly platform. Their mission is simple yet transformative: Craft content with care once, then deploy it effortlessly anywhere—and everywhere—it’s needed. This ethos is at the core of Storyblok’s ambition to become the CMS of the 21st century, breaking down barriers and bringing a global community of creators closer together. 

The company has not only scaled up its team in numbers and talent but also has seen its customer-created projects skyrocket to over 120,000 in 130 countries over the past two years. An impressive cadre of 74,000 developers and marketers now use Storyblok’s platform, each adding a thread to a rapidly expanding global tapestry. This expansion speaks to the underlying strength and adaptability of Storyblok’s offering—a platform that has not only weathered the challenges of rapid growth but also thrived amid them.