Finance Manager


Jeff was born on the eastern side of the iron curtain but grew up in reunited Berlin. After his Abitur, Jeff moved to the Bavarian capital to study Business Administration and stayed in Munich. 

Jeff's first experience with SMBs was during his internship in a Corporate Finance Boutique in Munich where he got in touch with Bond issues and other financial instruments used as a fund source. Inspired by his internship after his studies Jeff started to work as an analyst at Coinvest Corporate Finance where he got to work with Start-Ups in different segments, from e-commerce over matching platforms to medtech and of distinct stages from pre seed to late stage.

Jeff's excitement for entrepreneurship brought him to TerminApp, a Start-Up for appointment scheduling and booking analytics, where he was responsible for building up the finance department. Within 4 years the company developed to a global player in this niche. 

Jeff joined HV in April 2023 to support the operational team with planning and modeling scenarios within cap tables and outside of HV Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and hosting BBQs.