Tax Manager


Joscha was raised between the small North Sea island of Juist and the Franconian city of Nuremberg, but with both feet planted on firm ground. An interest in how economies work led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s in Tax and Accounting, and the examinations awarding him the title of Tax Adviser ("Steuerberater").

Joscha began his career as a consultant at PwC with a focus on tax compliance for PE and VC funds, which brought him into the dynamic world of startups. Joscha is committed to supporting the essential role startups play in growing the economy, and he welcomed the opportunity to be surrounded by talented and creative people. Today, he is driven by working closely with companies to destigmatize taxes and believes that easing their operational burdens will allow startups to contribute more efficiently to society as a whole.

Outside the intellectual and creative stimulation of work, Joscha decompresses and reconnects with himself through sports, nature, and catching up with friends. When in the city, he enjoys running through Munich’s English Garden or sitting with friends in a Schwabing café. When he can, he gets out of the city to snowboard in the mountains or surf on the Portuguese coast.