Legal Counsel


Raised in the vibrant western quarters of Berlin, Karl cherished the dynamic and multicultural life that the city offered. Soccer was a huge part of his childhood, and he spent countless hours on the fields, honing his skills and learning the value of teamwork. However, as much as he loved the game, his aspirations steered him towards a different calling — the intricate world of law.

His academic journey took him to the esteemed halls of Heidelberg, the picturesque landscapes of Lausanne, and finally to the culturally rich city of Melbourne. Each place offered him not just an education in law but also a treasure trove of experiences — building friendships, expanding networks, and immersing himself in diverse cultural environments. And yes, soaking in the delightful Australian sunshine was a cherished bonus to his studies abroad.

Maintaining the cheerful disposition often seen on sunny beaches, he began his legal career working for US law firms, German boutique law firms, and leading international law firms. Working at high speed and supporting one another was the norm in these environments, and Karl learned the true value of camaraderie in the workplace when supporting clients in M&A and VC-related areas. The joy of direct client interaction, an essential aspect of his work, was palpable from the start. Leaving the firm was everything but easy, especially because of the strong connections he had forged with colleagues and clients. However, the ethos at HV Capital — a culture that celebrates mutual support, fosters friendships, and practices empathy — deeply resonated with him.