Head of Marketing


The tech ecosystem of Europe seems a long way from the isolated South African farm that Kasey grew up on, but the limitless horizons of her childhood imbued in her an expansiveness that she’s brought into her life and work. Like those skies, the possibilities of our future seem limitless, and Kasey found her purpose in exploring the outer reaches of our potential through the intersections of art and technology to make the world a better, more equitable place.

Kasey committed to a career supporting entrepreneurs while still at university, where her experience as a founding member of Phaphama, an entrepreneurial consultancy, opened her eyes to how underserved South African entrepreneurs thrived even amidst adversity and showed her the power of community. It also instilled a belief that to truly support entrepreneurs, one must understand entrepreneurship; Kasey took a leap across the globe for a job at a company builder in Germany, which gave her valuable insights into the entrepreneurial experience.

Highlights of her career so far include setting up a marketing flywheel for a series C scale-up across North America, the UK, the EU, and India, which taught her how to make laser sharp decisions based on data. At her role at Google for Startups, she learned to channel multiple perspectives to achieve a common goal, curated experiences for 100 women founder alumni, supported the launch of the Black Founders Fund, and oversaw ecosystem development in the DACH region. In her current role at HV Capital, Kasey draws on her past experiences to develop the startup ecosystem, solve founder challenges, and continue to build HV Capital’s brand across Europe.