Growing up in the border triangle of Germany, France, and Switzerland, specifically in Lörrach, Maxi knew as a kid that her life would take place in a major city. In her formative years, Maxi immersed herself in sports, with pole vaulting as her athletic passion, and the world of art. At 17, Maxi embarked on a solo adventure, relocating to the vibrant city of London. There, she learned how complicated things can get for a teenager to open a banking account or sign a lease. Her initial aspiration was to pursue a degree in Art and Design. Still, her new exposure to business and political leaders led her to switch gears and delve into Management.

Maxi's academic journey has been remarkable and equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and a global perspective. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Management at the prestigious London School of Economics. Her quest for knowledge then took her to Tsinghua University as a Schwarzman Scholar, specializing in technology and entrepreneurship in China. Her academic pursuits reached their zenith at Harvard Business School, where she achieved the coveted title of Baker Scholar. Diversity and equity are more than just buzzwords for Maxi. She has led this realm, from leading the German delegation to the G7 Youth Summit in 2017 to steering initiatives such as the Women in Investing conference and a women’s angel group with a mission to increase women's presence on cap tables at Harvard Business School.

Before stints with US-based venture and PE funds during her MBA, Maxi spent three years at the McKinsey Berlin office, where she built digital products and services in healthcare and e-government in Europe. Her contributions extended to the McKinsey Global Institute in San Francisco, where she served as the annual tech and innovation fellow in 2019. Her work on the Bio Revolution report delved into the convergence of innovation in life science and digital technologies. Fuelled by her interactions with the vibrant Silicon Valley ecosystem, Maxi relaunched and led McKinsey’s Fuel Ignition startup initiative in Berlin.

Outside of work, Sci-fi books and art galleries captivate Maxi’s imagination, while yoga and outdoor adventures like climbing Kilimanjaro keep her balanced. Now, Maxi's role at HV Capital positions her as a driving force in shaping the future of early-stage investments: she seeks out new technologies that advance society and founders who never give up in their quest to build great, lasting companies.


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