Nikolas grew up on the countryside south of Hamburg. After school he travelled around the world with his two best friends, visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay and Cuba. In Australia, he became a driver for the recently launched food delivery service Deliveroo, where he worked his way up to a role in the operations team. After that, Nikolas caught the startup bug and interned at another food delivery startup in Hamburg called Stadtsalat. 

Nikolas studied Business Administration at WWU in Münster – a great challenge for him, not coming from an academic household. During his exchange semester in Guadalajara, Mexico, he spent time learning Spanish. After a couple of internships, Nikolas caught the crypto bug in 2017 and bought his first crypto (bitcoin and Ethereum) before writing his bachelor’s thesis on the disruptiveness of stable coins and crypto in general.  

Seeking a career in crypto, Nikolas began writing articles on new DeFi projects to build his network and reputation, before landing a job at a small crypto fund in Hamburg. Next, he moved to Lisbon to study a Master of Business at Nova SBE. At the end of his studies, Nikolas began a crypto internship with HV Capital in Berlin, where he now works full time as an Analyst with a focus on the crypto space. 

Nikolas is a family person and loves to be around his family. In his free time, he loves to read, cook, travel, play sports and enjoy being in nature. He is also a passionate vegetarian, stemming from his love of nature and animals.


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