Office Manager


Piero was born and raised to be two things: a Berliner and a host. From a young age, he helped his family run their business in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. He developed confidence serving behind the bar (and a secret love of Berliner Weiße!). After many years in the hotel industry, Piero wanted to broaden his horizons and quickly took a shine to office management. His empathetic nature and cheerful demeanour always put a smile on colleagues’ faces.

"I see my colleagues as my family! That's why it's important to me that everyone feels comfortable. You should always be there for each other and be able to have fun at work!". In his spare time, Piero likes to socialise with his friends, along with his little Corgi "Elly" and his grumpy old cat "Penny". Piero has several hobbies but enjoys drawing and singing the most as they allow him to switch off and be in his own bubble.