Susie's curiosity about the world has always been the baseline for her every move: It has taken her from a small Bavarian town to Spain, the US, China, the UK and Munich. It has led her from studying Business Administration to courses in Mathematics, Psychology, American Politics, and Finance. It allowed her to find food for thought in scholarship programmes, while pushing the boundaries of her adrenaline levels by running marathons and skydiving in Hawaii. On a professional level, her curiosity enabled her to experience a whole range of work environments, from NGOs to large blue-chip companies to mid-market companies to early-stage ventures.

Susie moved to the UK in 2014 to pursue a MSc in Finance and Private Equity from the LSE and ended up spending 7 years in London, before moving back to Munich. Working in investment banking taught her much more than just quantitative modelling skills – it taught her structure, diligence and self-discipline. It also enabled her to immerse herself in a wide variety of industries, solve complex challenges and understand the anatomy of successful global companies. But it was the world of scale-ups and start-ups that ultimately won her heart.

The pivotal moment happened in 2018, while working on a year-long project with one of the fastest-growing tech scale-ups in the UK. The combination of a highly dynamic team, a lightspeed uptick in customer numbers, a true hyper-growth momentum, a seemingly never-ending need to hire across an entire organisation and to close new funding rounds felt energising on every level. The immense thrill of the moment made her fall in love with early-stage software companies and unlocked the door to investing for her.

At HV Capital, Susie works as a Principal covering FinTech and DeFi. The world of Venture allows her to combine all of her passions: to put her innate curiosity to work, while letting her creativity and big ideas run free. She takes energy from listening to founders who overcome the most difficult obstacles, while making it all look natural and effortless. She loves dissecting the competitive landscapes that visionary founders are disrupting. And she is obsessed with connecting people in the ecosystem that she believes could form great teams.