Manager Compliance Operations & Risk


Born in Bretten, where the echoes of Philipp Melanchthon's humanist spirit linger, Tina's journey began. A blend of Baden-Württemberg's scenic beauty and the picturesque shores of Croatia shaped her multicultural identity from the outset.

Raised amidst the melodic symphony of three mother tongues—German, Croatian, and the charming Swabian dialect—Tina's curiosity was ignited early on, fueled by disruptive ideas and the enigmatic world of finance. She enrolled in business administration at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where her bachelor's degree focused on risk and finance, and her master's degree deepened her knowledge in strategy and leadership.

After gaining experience at companies such as E.ON, Allianz, and the Rating Service Unit, her passion for the world of stock markets and funds led Tina to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Here she worked in the asset and wealth management department for risk and regulation and was responsible for the audit of international investment management companies. She moved on from the auditing perspective at PricewaterhouseCoopers to the proactive market side at the Deutsche Finance Group, where she oversaw risk management, compliance, anti-money laundering, and ESG. Tina has brought her years of valuable regulatory and investment management expertise to HV, where she’s now responsible for compliance, risk and operations.

Tina’s values of reliability, trust, and respect have led her to charitable work with organizations such as Rotary. She continues to expand her diverse sense of self by traveling and maintaining friendships around the world. With a humorous perspective, she is guided by the works of André Kostolany, Warren Buffett, and other experts in macroeconomics.