Finance Manager


Born and raised in a small town called Selb in Bavaria, Ugur moved to Rosenheim after high school to study Business Administration. During his studies, he gained experience as a student trainee at Eurofactor,  a subsidiary company of Crédit Agricole. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he continued to work at Eurofactor as an international relationship manager while obtaining his Master of Science in Munich with a dual focus on finance.During this time, Ugur wanted to expand his skills and gain further work experience. He found what he was looking for at Deloitte. There he was a part of the audit and assurance team.

After successfully completing his master’s degree, Ugur was able to gain experience in a wide variety of industries. His main responsibility was to audit alternative investment funds. This sparked his interest in venture capital. After almost five years at Deloitte, he jumped at the opportunity to broaden his horizons and tackle new professional challenges by joining the finance team at HV Capital. In his free time, Ugur works out in the gym and enjoys riding his motorcycle. With a migration background, he is familiar with social diversity and feels comfortable in different cultures. That's why he likes to travel to foreign countries to encounter new places and people.