Wolfgang was born a true Munich native and grew up in the district of Ebersberg, east of Munich. After a traditional banking apprenticeship, he studied business administration in Munich. Even as a working student at Bayerische Vereinsbank, he found practical work much more exciting than his studies, which Wolfgang did not complete. During his many years in banking, he mainly worked as a project manager for various large-scale projects.

In 2008, Wolfgang embarked on a journey to fulfil his aspiration for a more human-centric vocation, driven by his innate empathy and aligned with his interpersonal skills. This led him to pursue professional education and establish a career as a non-medical practitioner in psychotherapy. Concurrently, from 2010 to 2023, he contributed his expertise to insolvency law firms, balancing his dual professional pursuits.   

He has been with HV Capital since February 2024, where he supports the accounting team.  

His passions are books, the works of Gerhard Richter, attending operas and concerts, old cars and volunteering in his wife's heart support group. 

He finds relaxation in running in nature, QiGong and walks with his dog Lisl. 

The use of intellect, ambition, passion and joy is very important to me - not only at work. At HV Capital, I can apply and implement these values excellently

__ Wolfgang Reis