Born and raised in rural Austria, Jakob developed an early passion for computers and understanding how they work. Experimenting with a Windows Me machine, he built his own text-based pocket monster game before he was a teenager but could never quite figure out how to add the graphics. Supporting incredibly talented entrepreneurs on their journey of developing products that transform our work and lives is what has drawn him into VC.

Growing up, Jakob spent most of his time in basketball gyms across Austria and beyond. As the dream of playing in the NBA failed to materialize, Jakob subsequently completed bachelor's and master's programs at WU Vienna and HSG, respectively, and studied abroad in Canada, the US and China.

Before joining HV, Jakob co-founded a foodtech venture during the height of the first Covid-19 wave. After selling it, he worked in Private Equity at Goldman Sachs in London, focusing on late-stage investments across Europe. 

Jakob loves spending his free time in the Austrian alps, trying out new sports and is far too passionate about his AeroPress. He still hasn't lost hope that he will write half-decent code one day.